We’ve made various improvements to Atomic Wraps that not only beef-up the core of the app, but also drastically improves the user experience. We took a year of user feedback and applied that to the logic and both existing and new features which resulted in a better overall experience.

A Better Experience

A big part of the user feedback was related to how the race cars were presented on the page – specifically the “realism” for what the cars looked like. We started with basic SVG files that were all created in Adobe Illustrator. We would export each of the car “masks”, or clipping paths to an art board, then upload that to the HTML. This worked ok at first, but was very generic and basic simply because we didn’t know all of the capabilities we actually had with SVG files.

Like anything else, we couldn’t just “leave it alone”, we had an itch to dig into how these files worked, and wanted to know what we could do with them. Ultimately this research drove us to completely re-design the masks and get as detailed as we could with them. After all, this tool is so reliant on the visual aesthetics of a car, that the presentation needed a big upgrade. As long as each of the layers within Illustrator were grouped and named properly, we could be selective on what we could manipulate within the application.

In addition to the car mask upgrades, we simplified the sidebar to include a more streamlined look, with less clutter. We also utilized icons that changed depending on what color was selected to help the user see where that color was being applied on the car. This was especially helpful once we added gradient tools to the builder. All of the design choices include 3 color options, which is important in terms of keeping the app minimal, and simple to use.

Calculated Shipping Integration

Our client utilizes FedEx exclusively for all of their shipping, so to help streamline this process, we integrated with Easy Post. Initially, the app didn’t include a calculation feature for shipping rates, so we worked with EasyPost and added their API to our platform. When the user finishes inputting their shipping address, the software calculates the best rate for that and updates the price automatically. Read more about EasyPost.

Check it out at atomicwraps.com